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Chemical-grade silicon metal prices are still rising

         Since the beginning of this week, the domestic chemical-grade metal silicon price is still rising, mainly due to the limited production of silicon plants, which has led to tight spot supply in the market. The cumulative increase in the past month has reached around 1,000 yuan/ton.

         Judging from the above quotation, compared with the previous price, the quotation has risen slightly by 100 yuan/ton. The current logistics and transportation situation in Yili, Xinjiang has not eased. Local vehicles are prohibited from entering and exiting. The procedures for vehicles entering Xinjiang from other provinces are complicated and the vehicle circulation speed is relatively slow Slowly, some silicon plants have run out of raw coal and stopped production, and the opening date of large plants that previously planned to resume production has been postponed again. The insufficient release on the supply side has provided support for the price increase of chemical-grade metallic silicon.

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