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Silicon metal prices slowed down and ushered in a high consolidation stage

        Since the beginning of this week, the domestic metal silicon price has gradually slowed down, and the market has ushered in a high consolidation stage. There is no obvious fluctuation or change for the time being. Most silicon plants have signed orders for August, and the monthly order prices have gradually become clear. This wave of metallurgical grade metals The price of silicon has risen up to around 600 yuan/ton; the price of chemical-grade metal silicon has risen up to around RMB 700/ton.

        Up to now, according to the global ferroalloy website, the main production area 553# non-oxygen metal silicon Huangpu port is quoted at 10,300-10,500 yuan/ton for tax-included delivery, Tianjin port is quoted at 10300-10500 yuan/ton for tax-included delivery, and Kunming area includes tax. The delivery price is 10,100-10,300 yuan/ton, the Sichuan region's tax-included ex-factory price is 10,000-10200 yuan/ton, and the Fujian region's low-phosphorus and low-boron tax-included ex-factory price is 10,500-10,700 yuan/ton.

        Judging from the above quotations, compared with the previous ones, the quotations have gradually returned to stable operation. There are no obvious signs of fluctuations this week. The cumulative increase in the price of metallurgical silicon metal in the past month has reached 600 yuan/ton; while chemical-grade silicon metal The price of the goods has also continued to rise from 1,800-11,000 yuan/ton in late July to the current 11,500-11700 yuan/ton, and some of them are sent to the silicone monomer factory and the acceptance price is 11800-11900 yuan/ton.

        The prices of other grades of silicon metal have also increased simultaneously. Among them, 553# oxygen metal silicon is quoted at 10,600-10,800 yuan/ton for tax-included delivery in Kunming area, and 10800-11100 yuan/ton for port tax-included delivery; 441# metal silicon is included in Kunming area. Tax delivery price is 10800-11000 yuan/ton, port tax-included delivery price is 11000-11300 yuan/ton; 3303# metal silicon Kunming area tax-included delivery price is 11100-11300 yuan/ton, port tax-included delivery price is 11300- 11,600 yuan/ton.

        The main factor driving the increase in the price of silicon metal in the past month is the previous overhaul of power stations in Yunnan that has restricted the production of some silicon plants. In addition, the Xinjiang epidemic control has led to an extension of transportation cycles, an increase in logistics costs, and a slowdown in spot circulation. Due to the timely supply of the silicon market spot, and affected by the epidemic factors, the opening and resumption dates of some large-scale silicon plants in Xinjiang have also been postponed again. The increase in market supply is lower than expected, which has also contributed to the continued upward rise of silicon prices. In addition, the high start of the downstream consumer market and the price recovery may bring momentum to the trend of silicon prices. However, after the rise of silicon prices, the market also has certain high quotations but difficult transactions. Therefore, the trend of silicon prices this week It has gradually returned to a stable state, and the development of supply and demand in the market outlook is still attracting attention.

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