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Silicon Barium
Silicon Barium

Dimensions: Si40 Ca6-8 Ba12 Al8 

Material: Si-Ba-Ca alloy 

Application: steelmaking 

Chemical Composition: si al ba ca p s 

Shape: lump/powder/granule/Briquette,powder/block/granule 

color: silver grey,Silver Gray 

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    Supply Ability:

    1000 Ton/Tons per Month


    Packaging Details

    1.Plastic bags, 1MT per bag or as per customer's requirement 2.Customized Packaging According to Customer Requirements



    Lead Time :


    1 - 500


    Est.   Time(days)




    Description of Ferroalloy Silicon-Barium Inoculant 

    Barium silica gel inoculant is a FeSi-based alloy containing a certain amount of barium and calcium, which can significantly reduce the cooling phenomenon and produce very few residues. Therefore, iron, silicon and barium inoculants are more effective than those containing only calcium. In addition, they have the same inoculation performance as those containing higher barium and calcium contents. The combination of barium and calcium has better control over cold than the inoculant containing only calcium.




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